Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fabulous stylists in the music industry. However, I know that for emerging artists, finding a stylist or establishing a consistent brand style can often feel like an impossible task. But fear not, because within your own circle lies the key to unlocking your unique style and finding the right stylist to guide you on your journey. In this blog, I’ll share insights on how to navigate the world of styling and build a successful career, from thrift shops to becoming a sought-after stylist in the music industry.

When consulting with artists, one of the first things I do is look at their circle of friends and acquaintances. Often, there’s someone within that circle who stands out with their sense of style, staying on-point and consistent with their look. Delving deeper, you may find that this person learned how to style themselves from a family member, partner, or friend. Recognizing these individuals and their talents can be the first step in building a team and finding the right stylist for your artistic journey.

To establish yourself as a stylist, you must stay plugged into the latest trends while also mastering the art of thriftiness. Working with emerging artists often means dealing with limited budgets, so finding hidden gems in thrift shops, sales, and outlets becomes an essential skill. But being a stylist goes beyond just fashion expertise. You become an educator, teaching your clients how to style themselves, mix and match pieces, and utilize their entire wardrobe to maintain a consistent and authentic look.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, writer, or stylist, starting from the middle and working your way up is a rare luxury. The reality is that you have to begin where you are, working with what you have. As a stylist, this means embracing the challenge of growth and progress collectively. Your journey starts by building camps and communities where you can learn and earn your place in the industry. It’s through dedication and hard work that you establish your skills and create a demand for your services.

In the music industry, the victories that often go unnoticed are the ones that matter the most. As an artist becomes successful, their stylist’s journey from starting with nothing to building a successful and fulfilling career is a testament to their hard work. While it may not make headlines, these victories are the foundation of a stylist’s success and the result of collaboration, growth, and adaptability within a team.

Becoming a stylist in the music industry is a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. By looking within your circle, being thrifty, embracing education, and growing collectively, you can find your unique style and establish yourself as a sought-after stylist. Remember, it’s not about where you start, but how you progress and evolve along the way. Celebrate the victories that may not make headlines, as they are the true markers of success in the world of styling.

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