Demystifying the Music Production Puzzle: Who Does What?

In the vast soundscape of music creation, you’ve likely encountered a slew of titles: producer, engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, and more. If you’re finding it a bit perplexing to decipher all these roles, you’re not alone. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of these essential positions in music production.

The Songwriter: Crafting Lyrics and Melody

At the heart of it all is the songwriter. This creative individual or group shapes the song’s lyrics and melody. Think of a song as a blend of lyrics and melody; everything else is like clothing you can change, but the essence remains. It’s what you can sing acapella with your buddies, and it’s the chorus that etches itself into your memory.

A strong song can stand alone, even when stripped down to just an acoustic guitar or piano. Therefore, anyone contributing to the lyrics and melody is a songwriter. If these elements are layered on top of a track (a process called toplining), the track’s creator often gets some songwriting credit, as it plays a pivotal role in crafting the lyrics and melody.

The Producer: The Mastermind Behind the Production

The producer’s role can be a tad confusing, especially given the rise of the EDM community, where “producer” is nearly synonymous with “artist.” However, in the strictest sense, a producer is the visionary behind a song’s production. They oversee the journey from a raw song to the final product, much like a movie director who turns a script into a film.

Just as a director hires actors, cinematographers, set designers, and more to shape a movie, a producer enlists engineers, session players, editors, and arrangers to bring the artist’s and producer’s vision to life. Producers come in various flavors – some mix, others engineer, arrange, or orchestrate the entire process. It’s all about realizing the music’s potential.

The Engineer: Technical Wizardry

The engineer, often known as the tracking engineer, delves into the technical aspects of production. Their mission: to translate the producer’s and artist’s vision into reality. This could involve capturing the perfect tone, setting up microphones, and making decisions about the best way to mic a performance. The engineer may also be responsible for running the computer if there’s no dedicated operator.

The Editor: Crafting the Details

Once or during the tracking phase, the music often needs editing. Editors step in to fine-tune details. This could entail vocal tuning, comping takes, tightening instrument performances, eliminating odd breaths, and seamlessly transitioning between song sections. They’re the architects behind the scenes.

The Mix Engineer: Transforming Sound into a Record

When it’s time to create the mix, the mix engineer takes center stage. Their mission is to present the production at its very best. They adjust levels, tweak EQ, apply compression, and more. Before the mix, the composition should sound like a song, but after the mix, it should sound like a full-fledged record.

The Mastering Engineer: Perfecting the Finale

Mastering engineers step in after the mixing phase. Their job isn’t a continuation of mixing; it’s about elevating the mix for release. The result should sound like a record, but around 10% better in a way that’s challenging to articulate. It’s also during mastering that the flow of an album or EP is curated, ensuring that all songs harmonize in tone and spacing, allowing them to seamlessly blend back-to-back.

In the labyrinthine world of music production, each role plays a vital part, creating the harmonious symphony that touches our hearts and souls. From songwriters to mastering engineers, the magic unfolds when these professionals collaborate, ultimately bringing our favorite tunes to life.

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