Unlocking the World of Sync Licensing: Your Path to Getting Your Music in TV and Film

The realm of sync licensing, or getting your music placed in TV and film, is an enchanting segment of the music industry. It’s a domain where creativity and storytelling merge, producing an unparalleled synergy. Music supervisors, the magicians behind this realm, dedicate their careers to curating the perfect harmonies for the moving images we adore.

So, how can you, as an artist, find your place in this world? Here’s the key: patience. In the intricate web of sync licensing, patience is your virtue. And let’s not forget the importance of following the right path.

  1. Patience Is Your Virtue: First and foremost, embrace patience. The world of sync licensing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to build your presence and reputation. Understand that success in this field doesn’t happen overnight. But with determination, your persistence will pay off.
  2. Navigate Through Legitimate Channels: Seek out legitimate channels for track submissions. Legitimate here means channels recognized and accepted within the industry. Avoid platforms that ask for money upfront to submit your music. While it’s reasonable to invest in agencies or companies to represent your catalog to publishers, legitimate sync opportunities typically do not require an initial fee.
  3. Follow Instructions Diligently: Once you’ve found your submission opportunity, the golden rule is to follow instructions diligently. If a music supervisor provides specific guidelines or prefers submissions through a particular platform, it’s crucial to adhere to these instructions. This is not a guarantee of landing the sync deal, but it lays the foundation for a fruitful relationship.
  4. Stay in the Line of Feedback: When you submit your work, be open to feedback. Music supervisors often know exactly what they’re looking for, and their insights can be invaluable. Only submit tracks that align with their needs and guidelines. Straying from their requirements may result in your work being overlooked.
  5. Respect Deadlines and Agreements: Deadlines are sacred in the world of sync licensing. Never submit music after a deadline unless a prior arrangement has been made. This reflects your professionalism and respect for the industry’s standards. Keep in mind that your reputation within the sync community matters.
  6. Persistence Is the Key: In sync licensing, just as in the broader music industry, persistence is your most potent ally. Building a career in sync is relationship-driven. It takes time to establish connections and nurture them. Over time, as your work and reliability become known, doors within this industry will begin to open.


Sync licensing is a realm where music and storytelling entwine. It’s a dance between creators, managers, publishers, labels, and music supervisors, all seeking the perfect harmony for that pivotal cinematic moment. Your journey into this world demands patience, a commitment to following the right path, and above all, persistence. As you build your presence and relationships within the sync community, your music will find its place on the screens we all adore.

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